Private Oscar M. Taylor
Co. E 

Appears of Pay and Bounty Certificate

Paid to the brother and sister of Private Oscar M. Taylor after his death

November 15, 1865







Treasury Department, Second Auditors Office

October 11, 1865


Certify, that I have examined and adjusted the claim of Oscar M. Taylor - Deceased - Private Company E 154 New York Volunteers and find there is due him from the United States the sum of Two Hundred and Three dollars and ninety eight cents, being for Bounty: Act July 22 1861 & pay from February 28 1863 to December 9 1863 as appears by the account and voachers transmitted for the decision of the Second Comptroller of the Treasury therein. To be paid to Martin L. Taylor and Rachel Anderson of New York as Brother and Sister or their order, by any Paymaster of the Army in the district of the claiment’s residence


E. B. <illegible> Second Auditor


Received this 15 day of November 1865 from Maj P. Van Alstyne Paymaster Two Hundred Three dollars and 98 cents, in full of the above


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