The soldiers and regiments of most wars are awash in forms and documents relating to their military service and the 154th NY was no acception. It all starts the day they enlist and does not even end after their death. Enlistment papers, muster rolls, pension papers, discharge papers, supply requests from quatermasters, the list can go on and on.

I have collected a few documents from the 154th NY and had the good fortune to have inherited an ancestors papers from his service in the regiment. I have scanned these documents and present them here as a way of sharing the information from my collection with other historians.

It is possible to sometimes find documents from the 154th NY on online auction sites which are for sale. Because most of the documents on the market have fetched prices beyond my means, I have included what images and text I can from the auction pages.

Documents from My Collections
  Leonard Lilly
Co. E
October 30, 1863 
Abstract of Rations and Lodging
  Sgt. Marshall H. Shannon
Co K
Janruary 18, 1864
Promotion to Sgt.
1st Sgt. Marshall H. Shannon
Co. E
Fifth Regiment of Veteran Reserve Corps. Volunteers
July 5, 1865
Discharge Papers
Sgt. Marshall H. Shannon
Co K
September 25, 1907
Reissue of Pension Payment
Sgt. Marshall H. Shannon
Co K
September 14, 1912
Pension Payment
Sgt. Marshall H. Shannon
Co K
June 3, 1918
Pension Payment to his widow, Victoria Shannon

Documents from Other Sources
George E. Graves 
Co. D
Nov. 4th 1863
Lookout Valley Tenn
 1st Lt John F. Wellman
Elmira, NY
June 17, 1865
Ordanance Lost at Gettysburg
   Private Oscar M. Taylor
Co.  E
November 15, 1865
Bounty Certificate paid to the relatives of Oscar M. Taylor

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