Marshall Shannon
Grand Army of the Republic Post No. 403

Erastus D. Holt Post

Erastus D. Holt, Post No. 403 Department of New York Grand Army of the Republic was organized October 5th 1883 in Woodford Hall Fredonia, NY. Mustered in by Commander A. Prather of James M. Brown Post No. 285, Jamestown, NY. Assisted by Commander J.H. Towle of Post 324 Dunkirk, NY E.O. Furman of Post 292 & W.G. Conger of Post ___. The following named comrades to the number of 35 was mustered in as charter members.

R.W. Gifford
Ammon B. Cobb
George Tate
J.E. Wooster
James A. Simpson
Amos Bolster
John Rodenbaugh
H.F. Weaver
Benjamin Frazer
W.J. Delvin
James N. Rennie
Charles E. Randall
Sidney Wilson
William S. Sly
Joseph W. Rood
Joseph C. Russ
Jessie A. Putnam
J.D. Maynard
M.H. Shannon
John N. Clark
Hiram P. Morse
Nicholas Wise
Stephen W. Sweet
Thomas W. Glisan
Milton M. Fenner
John S. Lathrop
George M. (Marvin G.) Holt
Thomas N. Barber
Sylvester E. Scott
David N. Thayer
Henry Martin (Martins?)
Solomon Wheeler
Philander Barber
Delos D.O. Ramsdell
Theodore Wheelock

Moved by Sidney Wilson that this Post No. 403 adopt the name of Erastus D. Holt. Carried unanimously. The officers Elected for the year were named.

Commander - Sidney Wilson
Senior Vice Commander - M.M. Fenner
Junior Vice Commander - Ammon B. Cobb
Chaplin - James M. Rodenbaugh
Quartermaster - J.E. Wooster
Officer of the Day - Amos Bolster
Officer of Guard - J.A. Simpson
Adjutant - George Tate - appointed
Sergt Major - W.S. Sly
Quarter Master Sergt. - J.W. Rood

The above named officers were unanimously elected and duly installed completing the formation of E.D. Holt Post No. 403 Dept. of NY, Grand Army of the Republic.

The above named officers were again unanimously elected to succeed themselves for the years 1884, 1885, 1886.

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