154th NY Soldiers Buried
in the Gettysburg National Cemetery

In the New York section of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, lie the remains of nine valiant heros of the 154th NY who gave their lives for their cause. On a solemn Memorial Day on May 28th, 2002, I traveled to Gettysburg and honored these heros by standing vigil over their graves and laying roses at each stone. I wanted them to know that what they did was not forgotten. That we will be forever grateful for the sacrifice they had made for their country, their state and their families.

The grave stones are near the outer edge, close to the side walk. They are not grouped closely together so you will need to search the rows a little to find them all. The grave of Amos Humiston will be the easiest to find as there is usually a small flag and sometimes flowers placed there.

I visited them often on my short visit on that Memorial Day weekend. I sat near them during the dedication speech and watched as the children of Gettysburg laid their own flowers at each grave at the and of the ceremony. Very few things have ever come close to being as moving a moment as that hot May day.

If you ever want to experience a true Memorial Day...go to Gettysburg. Witness why we have set aside this day and why it is not a day of BBQ and picnics. But a day of sadness and loss. And of honor and remembrance.

I challenge you to not become emotional while experiencing how this town honors these men.

Sergt L. Bishop   J. M. Bouren
J. F. Chace   Sergt Amos Humiston
Unknown   Unknown

Source: The Lincourt Historical Collection

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